4- Year Programme for UME/DE


Year One: First Semester

Course No:                Title                                                                           Units

Major Courses

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology                                                                    2

PSY 103 Psychology of Learning                                                                          2

PSY 111 Quantitative Methods in Psychology I                                                 2

PSY 121 Basic Concepts in Experimental Psychology                                      2

Required/Ancillary Courses:

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology I                                                                    2

POL.SC 101 Introduction to Political Science I                                                  2

General Studies Courses

GSP 101 Use of English                                                                                          2

GSP 105 Natural Science                                                                                        2

Electives (One)

BIO 151   General Biology I                                                                                   3

MAN 141 Elements of Business Economics                                                       3

PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy                                                                   2

Total units                                                                                         18/19

Second Semester

Course No:                Title                                                                            Units

Major courses

PSY 102 Determinants of Behaviour                                                                    2

PSY 112 Quantitative Methods in Psychology II                                                2

PSY 132 Psychobiology                                                                                          2

PSY 142 Ethics in Psychology                                                                               2

Required/Ancillary Courses

POL.SC 102 Introduction to Political Sociology II                                             2

SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology II                                                                   2

General Studies Courses

GS 102 Use of English II                                                                                         2

GS 106 Natural Science II                                                                                       2

Electives (One)

BIO 152 General Biology II                                                                                    3

VTE 135 Principles of Business & Marketing Education                                  2

Total units                                                                                         18/19



Year Two: First Semester

Course No:                Title                                                                       Units

Major Courses

PSY 221 General Experimental Psychology I                                                     2

PSY 231 Physiological Psychology I                                                                    2

PSY 241 Introduction to Social Psychology                                                        2

PSY 251 Developmental Psychology I: Childhood and Adolescence             2

PSY 261 Psychology of Personality                                                                      2

Required/Ancillary Courses

COS 101 Introduction to Computer Science                                                        2

SOC 221 Principles of Criminology and Penology                                             3

General Studies Courses

GSP 201 Basic Concepts and Theory of Peace                                                   2

GSP 207 Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence                                            2

Total units                                                                                         19

Year Two: Second Semester

Course No:                Title                                                                          Units

Major courses

PSY 202 Psychological Measurement                                                                  2

PSY 222 General Experimental Psychology II                                                    2

PSY 232 Physiological Psychology II                                                                   2

PSY 234 Sensation and Perception                                                                       2

PSY 242 Psychology of Ethnicity and Ethnic Groups                                       2

PSY 244 Psychology of Gender Issues                                                                2

PSY 252 Developmental Psychology: Adulthood and Ageing                                     2

PSY 254 Psychology of Child Labour, Abuse and Trafficking                                    2

General Studies Courses

GSP 202 Issues in Peace     & Conflict Resolution Studies                               2

GSP 208 Nigerian Peoples and Culture                                                                2

Total units                                                                                         20



Year Three: First Semester

Course No:                Title                                                                         Units

Major Courses

PSY 311 Statistical Methods in Psychology                                                         2

PSY 331 Motivation and Emotion                                                                         2

PSY 341 Industrial/Occupational Psychology                                                    2

PSY 343 Personnel Psychology                                                                             2

PSY 351 Abnormal/Clinical Psychology I                                                           2

PSY 361 Counselling Psychology                                                                         2

PSY 371 Theories and Systems                                                                             2

PSY 381 Environmental Psychology                                                                    2

Required/Ancillary Courses

CED 341 Introduction to Entrepreneurship                                                        2

Electives (One)

PSY 353 Community Psychology                                                                          2

PSY 345 Political Psychology                                                                                2

PSY 347 Cross-cultural Psychology                                                                     2

Total units                                                                                                                 20

Second Semester

Course No:                Title                                                                          Units

Major Courses

PSY 302 Cognitive Psychology                                                                             2

PSY 312 Research Methods in Psychology                                                         2

PSY 342 Advanced Social Psychology                                                                2

PSY 352 Abnormal/Clinical Psychology II                                                          2

PSY 354 Psychology of Substance Abuse                                                           2

PSY 356 Psychology of Mental Challenge                                                          2

PSY 362 Personality Assessment                                                                          2

PSY 384 Psychology of Social Change                                                                2

Required/Ancillary Courses

CED 342 Business Development and Management                                           2

COS 304 Computer Applications                                                                          2

Total units                                                                                                                20




Fourth Year: First Semester

Course No:                Title                                                                            Units

Major Courses

PSY 401 Computer Applications in Psychology                                                2

PSY 431 Advanced Psychobiology                                                                       2

PSY 441 Social Perception                                                                                     2

PSY 443 Psychology of Vocational Behaviour                                                   2

PSY 445 Consumer Psychology                                                                            2

PSY 447 Organizational Psychology                                                                    2

PSY 451 Health Psychology                                                                                   2

PSY 453 Behaviour Modification                                                                           2

PSY 461 Psychological Testing and Test Construction                                     2

Total units                                                                                                                 18

Second Semester

Course No:                Title                                                                           Units

Major Courses

PSY 432 Psychopharmacology                                                                              2

PSY 442 Psychology of Union-Management Relations                                     2

PSY 452 Forensic Psychology                                                                               2

PSY 454 Practicum in Psychotherapy                                                                 2

PSY 462 Psychological Testing and Assessment                                                2

PSY 492 Project                                                                                                        6

Elective (One)

PSY 444 Sports Psychology                                                                                   2

PSY 472 Current Issues in Psychology                                                                 2

PSY 482 Military Psychology                                                                                 2

Total units                                                                                                                 18


COURSE DESCRIPTION                        

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology                                         2 Units

The Science of Psychology. History of Psychology Research methods in Psychology Fields of Psychology: Psychology and other Disciplines. Biological Basis of Behaviour. Human Development.

PSY 102 Determinants of Behaviour                                         2 Units

Sensation and Perception. Mind versus body, learning and memory. Cognitive processes. Motivation and Emotion. Personality. Assessing individual Differences. Problems of adjustment. Socio-cultural factors in behaviour.

PSY 103 Psychology of Learning                                                2 Units

Definition of learning. Types of learning: classical conditioning, operant conditioning, social learning, concept learning, etc. variables in human learning. Learned helplessness. Other theories of learning. Measurement of learning. Memory processes and structures. Forgetting. Complex learning: Learning set or learning-to-learn; insight. Brain substrates of learning, memory and artificial intelligence. Practicals.

PSY 111 Quantitative Methods in Psychology                         2 Units

The need to study quantitative methods in Psychology. Types of quantitative methods and brief description of each. Frequency distributions and their uses. Measures of central tendency measures of dispersion. Practical exercises and assignments will feature throughout.

PSY 112 Quantitative Methods in Psychology II                    2 Units

Correlation and correlation coefficients. Probability. The t-test. The F-test. Introduction to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Non-parametric methods and their uses in psychology. Practical exercises and assignments will be a regular feature.

PSY 121 Basic Concepts in Experimental Psychology           2 Units

The basic nature of research-variable, observation, hypothesis, theory, procedure, selection, assignment, population, subjects, materials/equipment, sampling, randomization etc. Experimental control: variability, confounding, interaction, etc. Design of experiments: One-way designs, factorial designs, between versus within-subjects designs, correlation designs, etc. Statistical analysis – descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, research report.

PSY 132 Psychobiology                                                                 2 Units

The sensory system: a detailed examination of the physiology of the chemical, visual, auditory and somatic senses as they relate to psychological processes. Motor control and sensory motor integration: focus on the response systems.


PSY 142 Ethics in Psychology                                                      2 Units

Morality and ethical guidelines in the treatment of human participants and non-human subjects in psychological research and practice. Concept and consequences of torture, cruel and inhuman or degrading treatment. Authority, law enforcement and redress of unethical behaviour.

PSY 202 Psychological Measurement   2 Units

Historical development and concept of psychological measurement. Theories of psychological measurement (including classical test theory, item response theory, and structural equation theory). Origin and concepts of reliability and validity. Cultural issues (linguistic, religious) in psychological measurement. Method biases in psychological measurement: response style, same method errors, etc. Measurement models underlying psychological scales (including tau-equivalent models, congeneric model), and their implications for statistical analysis. Estimation of validity and reliability indices for psychological measures.


PSY 221 General Experimental Psychology I                          2 Units

Historical introduction to experimental psychology. Steps and issues involved in designing an experiment as well as hints on running experiments will be discussed. How to write up am experiment will also be covered. Practicals.

PSY 222 General Experimental Psychology II                        2 Units

Demonstrations of a number of experiments in class. There after emphasis will be placed on the students’ designing, undertaking, analysing and reporting their own experiments as practicals. Review of analysis of variance (ANOVA) technique will be discussed.

PSY 231 Physiological Psychology I                                          2 Units

Meaning and scope. The Chemical senses, The Visual system and Visual perception. The Auditory system. The somatic senses. Motor functions. Emotion

PSY 232 Physiological Psychology II                                        2 Units

Physiological bases of sleep, arousal and activity. Hunger and Thirst, Sexual Behaviour. Instinctive Behaviour. Conditioning, discriminative learning problem solving Brain disorders. Psychochemistry.

PSY 234 Sensation and Perception                                             2 Units

Physical bases of sensation and the distinction/relation between sensation and perception. Emphasis on human visual, chemical and auditory senses. Approaches to study of perception. Attention processes. Organizational processes in perception. Identification and Recognition processes.

PSY 241 Introduction to Social Psychology                             2 Units

Definition of social psychology. Psychology as a science. Social psychological assumptions. Social psychology and other social sciences. Socialization as the root of social behaviour? Attitude: definition, formation, functions and components.

PSY 242 Psychology of Ethnicity and Ethnic Groups            2 Units

Basis for ethnicity: positive and negative aspects of ethnicity; methods for reducing adverse effects of ethnicity as they apply to ethnic group relations in Nigeria.

PSY 244 Psychology of Gender Issues                                       2 Units

Historical developments in gender relations. Socio-cultural myths/ideology that reinforce gender discrimination and abuse. Sex-role conditioning. Theories of gender inequality. The roles of religion, culture, literature, mass media in maintaining the status quo (gender inequality). An alternative paradigm –the issue of androgyny; the archtypes (animan and animas) and complementarity. Contemporary issues in gender research.

PSY 251 Developmental Psychology I: Childhood and Adolescence   2 Units

This course offers topics on human growth and development from conception to adolescence. Areas to be covered include history and theories of child development, determinants of development, conception and the mechanism of heredity, cognitive, language, and personality development in infancy, early childhood and later childhood; physical and physiological changes at puberty; the meaning of identity in adolescence and adolescent behavioural problems.

PSY 252 Developmental Psychology II: Adulthood and Ageing      2 Units

This course deals with the changes and adjustment demands from the age of maturing till the life cycle ends in death. Topics include theory and research in adult development, early adulthood, mid-life transition, later adulthood; biological, intellectual and personality aspects of ageing, and finally dying and bereavements.

PSY 254 Psychology of Child Abuse and Trafficking                       2 Units

Theoretical and conceptual issues in child abuse. Categories of child abuse. Dimensions of child abuse. The incidence of child labour. The nature of child labour. Child trafficking and their causes. The causes of child abuse. The consequences of child abuse. Societal responses to child abuse issues. Combating of child abuse-legal and non-legal methods. Research methods in child abuse.

PSY 261 Psychology of Personality                                                        2 Units

The problem of personality definitions. Personality types, personality theories psychometric 9trait0 approach to personality; psychoanalytic approach to personality, social learning approach to personality. Humanistic approach to personality. Critical implications.

PSY 302 Cognitive Psychology                                                                2 Units

Emphasis will be placed on cognitive processes such as pattern recognition, attention, memory, and mental imagery, language, thinking concept formation, problem solving and artificial intelligence. Computer simulation. The influence of culture on cognition will be discusses.

PSY311 Statistical Methods in Psychology                              2 Units

Complex factorial designs. Randomized block designs, repeated measures design, and trend analysis Linear regression and correlation. Advanced statistical methods as applied to psychology, including parametric and non-parametric tests of significance, analysis of covariance, multiple regression, structural equation modelling and related methods. Introduction to factor analysis.

PSY 312 Research Methods in Psychology                               2 Units

The nature and scope of research-research mentality (qualities of good researcher); planning of research. Types of research: experimental versus non-experimental research. Ethical issues in psychological research. Writing of research report.

PSY 331 Motivation and Emotion                                              2 Units

Phenomena of motivation. Dynamics of motivation, development of motives hunger motivation, sexual motivation for personal Achievement. Emotions. Theories of Emotion. Functions of Emotion.

PSY 341 Industrial/Occupational Psychology                         2 Units

The scope and history of industrial/occupational psychology. The concept of work, individual differences and its industrial/occupational implications, vocational choice and vocational guidance, ergonomics, industrial accidents and safety.

PSY 342 Advanced Social Psychology                                       2 Units

Theories and techniques of social change. Attitude measurement. Methods of research in social psychology. Leadership and leadership effectiveness. Achievement motivation. Obedience and compliance.

PSY 343 Personnel Psychology                                                   2 Units

Development and evaluation of selection techniques, job analysis and placement; evaluating, the selection process, training of personnel, analysis of criteria, job performance and evaluation. Common factors in the selection and training of industrial and paraprofessional personnel. The role of the interview. Problems of selection in developing countries.

PSY 345 Political Psychology                                                      2 Units

of goods and services, the choices he makes and factors that determine the choice. Topics will cover such areas as the exchange theory social and individual influences on exchange behaviour, the defects of advertisement, brand and product image and consumer preference, effect of economic conditions on consumer behaviour, market research and its methods.

PSY 347 Cross-cultural Psychology                                          2 Units

The nature-nurture issues and the rise of cross-cultural psychology. The need for cross-cultural psychology. Comparative studies of the influences of culture on perception, thinking and socio-cultural developments. Methodological problems.

PSY 351 Abnormal/Clinical Psychology I                                2 Units

Introduction: Historical and Scientific Consideration, Current theoretical perspectives; classification, Diagnosis and Treatment plans; Clinical assessment, Clinical Research Methods; Anxiety Disorders; Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders; Psycho physiological, Disorders, Mood Disorders; Schizophrenia Practicals and field training.


PSY 352 Abnormal/ Clinical Psychology II                              2 Units

Substance-related disorders, Eating Disorders and Impulse control Disorders: Personality Disorder; cognitive Disorder Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders; Disorder of Childhood; Aging and Psychological Disorders; issues in Psychological Intervention, Ethical and Legal Issues. African orientations to causation and management. Practicals and field training.

PSY 353 Community Psychology                                                2 Units

Examines the history and theory of community mental health movement which gave rise to community psychology. Reviews the major purposes, with emphasis on prevention of mental illness, and the relationship between mental illness and the social environment, especially in societies undergoing rapid social change, such as Nigeria. Community psychology and community medicine.

PSY 354 Psychology of Substance Abuse                                  2 Units

The nature and dynamics of substance abuse. Basic aspects of pharmacology of psychotropic drugs. Drugs of addiction and abuse-alcohol. The opiates, synthetic analgesics, and morphine- like drugs, barbiturates, cocaine, cannibals saliva (marijuana; psycho-stimulants, amphetamines), hallucinogens, tobacco, etc. stages of alcohol dependence, diagnosis and management of drug dependence Rehabilitation.

PSY 356 Psychology of Mental Challenge                                2 Credits

Brief History. Causes (aetiology). Classification. Degrees or levels of mental challenge. Diagnoses. The mentally challenged in the family, and society. Societal attitudes towards mental challenge. Psychological disturbances in the mentally challenged. Learning and education of the mentally challenged. Treatment, management, training, rehabilitation and prevention. The Nigeria perspective in mental challenge. Conceptions and misconceptions about mental challenge and their cultural relativity. Practically in the form of case studies.

PSY 361 Introduction to Counselling Psychology                   2 Units

The concept of counselling psychology; origin and development, counselling relationship within the helping professions; individual and group counselling. Differing roles of counselling psychology in various settings (e.g. vocational, educational, family, social, etc). characteristics of counsellors. Counselling programmes and services.

PSY 362 Personality Assessment                                    2 Units

Classification of traits. Measurement of personality traits. Idiographic and nomothetic theories of personality. Self inventories. Observational methods. Projective techniques. Physiological observational methods. Physiological measures. Critical issues and problems.

PSY 371 Theories and Systems                                        2 Units

Philosophical antecedents of modern psychology. The rise of the research spirit. Beginnings of experimentation-Pavlov, Webbed, Fechner, Mueller, etc. physiological psychology – Helmholz, Haring, etc. Dualism and Monism. Twentieth century systems – structuralism, functionalism, behaviourism. Gestalt psychology. Fred and Post/Neo Freudians. Humanistic psychology, Phenomenological and existential approaches. African orientations. A possible synthesis.

PSY 381 Environmental Psychology                              2 Units

Definition and Dimensions of the environment. Major assumptions about the environment. Theories of environmental psychology; cognition, Gestalt. Topological or field theory systems. Problem of cities. Crowding and behaviour. Problem of conservation of natural resources. Environmental pollution. Methods of environmental assessment. Critical issues of man as part of an ecological system.

PSY 384 Psychology of Social Change                           2 Units

This course examines the social and psychological factors in social change, the dynamics of technological impact on culture and value system. Policy implications of social change.




PSY 401 Computer Applications in Psychology          2 Units

An overview of the uses of computer. Computer-mediated assessment methods. Data analysis with computers- emphasis on the use of statistical application packages such as SPSS and interpretation of computer-generated results. The impact of computer technology on humans. New developments in computer applications in psychology. The use of internet in communication and psychological research. Practicals.

PSY 431 Advanced Psychobiology                                  2 Units

Brain chemistry, Brain Disorders and psychopathology-examines the neurochemical factors in brain disorders as they relate to mental retardation, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. Emphasis on current empirical evidence.

PSY 432 Psychopharmacology                                        2 Units

Introduction to psychopharmacology. Examines attempts to alter behaviour through the use of drugs, e.g. anxiolytics, antidepressants, sedatives. The role of psychomimetic drugs and other drugs of addiction in the alteration of behaviour.

PSY 441 Social Perception                                               2 Units

Perception and social perception. Differences in social perception inference processes and forming impressions of others. Perception of emotion. Theoretical approaches to attribution. Attribution rules and attribution biases. Self perception. Implications of social perception and attribution processes for interpersonal and intergroup relations.

PSY 442 Psychology of Union Management                             2 Units

The meaning and scope of industrial relations as a discipline. The role of perception and motivation in the understanding of union management relations. The socio-psychological significance of and determinants of pay. The psychology of industrial disputes and its settlement. The role of psychology in industrial bargaining.

PSY 443 Psychology of Vocational Behaviour                       2 Units

Theoretical and empirical analysis of factors underlying choice of vocations, work organizations and careers. Topics include psychological determinants of vocational choice. Dynamics of job determinants of vocational choice, dynamics of job entry, vocational success, career leaders and effects of technological advance on jobs and workers.


PSY 444 Sports Psychology                                                          2 Units

The relevance of psychology in sports. The emotions and their arousal in sports settings. Individual/group motivation and sports performance. Reaction time in sport. Reactions to performance, propaganda, psychological immunization strategies. The role of anxiety in sports. Treatment approaches to anxiety problems. Political dimension of sport.


PSY 445 Consumer Psychology                                                   2 Units

The course will focus on the human as a consumer of goods and services, the choices he makes and factors that determine the choices he makes and factors that determine the choice. Topics will cover such area as the exchange theory, social and individual influences on exchange behaviour, the defects of advertisement, brand and product image and consumer preference, effect of economic conditions on consumer behaviour, market research and its methods.

PSY 447 Organizational Psychology                                         2 Units

Man within a wider organizational context. The course will cover issues such as the concept of power and authority, formal and informal groups, group conflicts and their resolution, the nature of industrial leadership, motivation, human problems of technological change communication.

PSY 451 Health Psychology                                                         2 Units

Concept and history of health psychology. Stress, stressors, stress reaction, health and coping. Biopsychosocial model of health, health processes. Health beliefs and attributions, sick role, compliance health promotion and culture. Health care system. Health policies – national and International.

PSY 452 Forensic Psychology                                                      2 Units

The concept of forensic psychology. Issues in identification parade. Reliability of eye-witness testimony. Construction of the personality profile and extraction of confession. Social psychology in the courtroom. The mental health status of the offender.



PSY 453 Behaviour Modification                                               2 Units

Exploration of rationale underlying behaviour change, especially in human beings. The theoretical bases of psychological techniques for modification of behavour. This will be followed by practical training in the use of psychological techniques in bringing about behaviour change.

PSY 454 Practicum in Psychotherapy                                       2 Units

The course will provide the students an opportunity to handle real clinical cases under strictly supervised conditions. The students will be exposed to the application of advanced techniques of behaviour change in the management of cases.

PSY 461 Psychological Testing and Test Construction         2 Units

Theories and foundations of the psychometric tradition. Origins of the testing movement. The nature of mental abilities and traits. Basic attributes of psychological tests-reliability, validity and predictive utility. Statistical foundations of psychometrics. Techniques of test construction. Test construction – determining domain, item selection and analysis, item validity, difficulty level. Meaningful test profile, profile analysis and interpretation of tests. Practical work.

PSY 462 Psychological Testing and Assessment                     2 Units

The intake interview – industrial/clinical. Intellectual assessment, use of the Wechsler series, Stanford-Binet, DAP, Bender gestalt, Porteus Maze tests etc. Personality inventory, MMPI, TSCS, MBTI, Projective techniques: Rorschach inkblot test, incomplete sentences, etc. Practicals Psychological report.

PSY 472 Current Issues in Psychology                                              2 Units

Basic issues – persistence of the mind-body problem, socio-economic developmental questions peculiar to African societies, etc.; applied issues: social political leadership and leadership behaviour, allegation problems in marriage and family life, religion and the problems of religious dogmatism in Nigeria, environmental pollution, etc.


PSY 482 Military Psychology                                                            2 Units

Vigilance, attention and signal detection. Personality and performance. Leadership. Obedience and compliance. Testing, selection, training and placement of military personnel. Combat stress, its nature and characteristics. Drug use among the military.

PSY 492 Project                                                                                 2 Units

The student is required to conduct a psychological research under an assigned academic supervisor in the Department and submit an original report