The Department is strongly oriented to:

  • Scientifically studying the behaviour of humankind in order to provide information that would enrich the understanding and prediction of human actions, feelings and thought. It also seeks to enable people to understand and relate with each other very efficiently and effectively.
  • In training of students, the Department emphasizes the interrelations of biological, psychological and socio-cultural influences on observed behavioural events. It seeks to provide students with very strong foundation in principles, methods and philosophy of psychological investigation of human and animal behaviour.
  • It also offers students professional training and experience in various areas that enable its graduates to establish successful careers as psychologists in research and applied fields such as in medicine, education, industry, commerce, military and paramilitary organizations, social mobilization, human development, administration, correctional and rehabilitation services, and other human behaviour contexts that require adjustment to the various socio-psychological challenges and problems which the social, economic and technological changes in the world are generating.